Foam Cutter #1212

Foam Cutter #1212

C. S. Osborne

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Foam Cutter Ref 1212

The C.S. Osborne Foam Cutter is used in conjunction with an electric drill and its main application is for cutting foam discs to be used with upholstery buttons. Made from a polished high quality steel cylinder with a  specially carbonized hardened cutting edge.

  • Designed to fit the chuck of standard 6mm & 10mm electric drills.

Cut Upholstery Fabric

This cutter can also be used to cut upholstery fabric in readiness for use with a button covering machine and will cut through up to 30 layers of fabric at a time.

Cutter Size to Button Size

Cutter Size Equivalent Button Size
3/4″ #16
7/8″ #18
1″ #20
1 1/8″ #24
1 1/4″ #30
1 1/2″ #36
1 3/4″ #45


SKU: #1212

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