Fabric Labels All F/R (does NOT inc. Sch 3 Interliner) or (Inc. Schedule 3 Interliner)

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Product Information

Product Safety Labels for Furniture

Ensure your furniture complies with UK fire safety regulations with our high-quality product safety labels. Designed to be sewn onto your furniture pieces, these labels provide crucial information regarding the use of Schedule 3 interliners, helping you meet legal requirements and ensure customer safety.

Types of Labels

Labels for Furniture Without Schedule 3 Interliners

Description: These labels are specifically for furniture that does not contain a Schedule 3 interliner. Clearly stating compliance with UK regulations, these labels help customers and inspectors easily identify that the furniture meets necessary safety standards.

Label Text: "This furniture does not include a Schedule 3 interliner."

Labels for Furniture With Schedule 3 Interliners

Description: These labels are for furniture containing a Schedule 3 interliner, indicating that the interliner meets UK fire safety requirements. These labels are essential for ensuring that your furniture is properly documented and compliant.

Label Text: "This furniture includes a Schedule 3 interliner."

Purchasing Options

Our product safety labels are available in various quantities to suit your needs. Whether you're a small business or a large manufacturer, we have the right pack size for you:

  • Per Label: Ideal for small-scale operations or replacements.
  • Pack of 10 Labels: Perfect for boutique furniture makers or limited production runs.
  • Pack of 100 Labels: Suitable for mid-sized businesses or consistent production schedules.
  • Pack of 1000 Labels: Best for large manufacturers with high production volumes.


  • High-Quality Material: Durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the labels remain legible and intact over time.
  • Clear Printing: Easy-to-read text that complies with UK regulations.
  • Easy to Sew: Designed for seamless attachment to your furniture pieces, ensuring compliance without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


These labels are essential for any furniture sold in the UK, ensuring your products adhere to the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations. Proper labeling not only safeguards your business from legal issues but also enhances customer trust in your brand.

How to Use

  • Identify the type of furniture (with or without a Schedule 3 interliner).
  • Select the appropriate label.
  • Sew the label onto a visible part of the furniture, such as underneath cushions or on the back of the frame.
  • Ensure the label is secure and easily readable for inspectors and customers.

Why Choose Our Labels?

  • Regulatory Compliance: Meet all UK fire safety standards.
  • Versatile Quantities: Choose the pack size that fits your production needs.
  • Durability: Long-lasting labels that withstand regular use.

Order Now

Equip your furniture with the necessary safety labels to ensure compliance and build customer confidence. Choose from our range of pack sizes and types to best suit your business needs. Order today and keep your furniture both safe and compliant.

For any questions or bulk order inquiries, please contact our customer service team.

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