Dos Plumas Tailors Shears with Polished Blades

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Dos Plumas Tailors Shears 8, 9, 10 & 12″

Dos Plumas Tailors Shears with sidebent handle & polished blades.

These are professional trade tailors shears, tough and durable with a sharp cutting edge. Made from the finest drop forged steel.

Italian made inch Tailors Shear with polished blades and a black handles.

Etched with the brand Dos Plumas.

Dimensions Below:

Size Overall Length (“) Overall Length (mm) Blade Length (“) Blade Length (mm)
8″ 8 1/8″” 212mm 3 7/8″ 96mm
9″ 9 1/8″” 232mm 4 3/8″ 112mm
10″ 10 1/8″ 260mm 4 3/4″ 124mm
12″ 12 3/8″ 315mm 6″ 150mm

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