C.S. Osborne No. 720 Klinch – It – Tool

C. S. Osborne

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C.S. Osborne No. 720 Klinch – It – Tool

No. 720 Klinch – It – Tool Quick & easy to use this tool will lower your production cost and increase productivity by speeding up one of the greatest time-consuming operations. It eliminates sewing of the spring to the web base. Instead the springs are permanently fastened with sturdy steel clips.

Instructions for use

Fill magazine with 2 strips of fasteners, hold tool upright, place nozzle over spring, press down so that prongs of the fastener pierce the webbing, then squeeze the lever and fastening is finished.

Tool Dimensions

  • Overall Length – 27″
  • Width – 2″
  • Weight -3 3/4lb

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