Cotton Muslin Cloth 152cm Wide

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Cotton Muslin Fabric

Cotton Muslin Fabric for Draping, Polishing, and More - 152cm Wide

Discover Versatility and Elegance

Elevate your creative projects with our premium Cotton Muslin fabric, meticulously crafted for a wide range of uses. Available in both unbleached and white variations, this versatile fabric combines timeless beauty with exceptional functionality. Whether you're designing theatrical sets, crafting exquisite garments, enhancing interior décor, or exploring culinary and photographic pursuits, our Cotton Muslin fabric is your ultimate choice.

Key Features:

  • Material: 100% Cotton Muslin, ensuring softness, breathability, and durability.
  • Width: 152cm (approximately 60 inches), providing ample coverage for various applications.
  • Color Options: Choose between unbleached for a natural look or white for a pristine finish.
  • Versatile Usage:
    • Clothing: Ideal for test fitting garments before using expensive fabrics.
    • Bedding: Perfect for pillowcases, bed sheets, and curtains.
    • Photography: Suitable for backdrops or diffusers.
    • Culinary: Functions as a cheesecloth for straining liquids and separating curds from whey.
    • Theater: Excellent for concealing set backgrounds and providing easy maneuverability.
  • Customizable Length: Available by the metre for flexibility in your projects or in a 50m roll for larger-scale needs.

Why Choose Our Cotton Muslin Fabric?

  • Quality Assurance: Crafted from high-quality cotton for superior comfort and longevity.
  • Multi-functional: From artistic endeavors to practical applications, our fabric meets diverse needs with ease.
  • Easy to Work With: Lightweight yet sturdy, allowing for effortless manipulation and shaping.
  • Endless Possibilities: Adapt our Cotton Muslin fabric to suit any creative or functional requirement.

Order Yours Today

Experience the unparalleled versatility and beauty of our 152cm wide Cotton Muslin fabric. Choose the perfect hue to complement your style and order by the metre or in a convenient 50m roll. Elevate your creative projects and practical pursuits with the timeless appeal and superior quality of our Cotton Muslin fabric. Order now and embark on your next masterpiece!


  • Material: 100% Cotton Muslin
  • Width: 152cm (approximately 60 inches)
  • Colors Available: Unbleached, White
  • Options: Sold by the metre or 50m roll

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