Bun Feet, Glides & Legs

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Hardwood Headboard Struts
Sale priceFrom £3.29
Hardwood Headboard StrutsBlack Barn Upholstery Supplies In stock, 188 units
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M8 T Nuts
Sale priceFrom £1.09
M8 T NutsBlack Barn Upholstery Supplies In stock, 913 units
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Queen Ann Legs - Unpolished Beech
Sale priceFrom £10.99
Queen Ann Legs - Unpolished BeechBlack Barn Upholstery Supplies In stock, 11 units
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M8 Dowel Screws - Pack of 10
Wooden Bun Foot - Black
Single Pin Nickel Plated Glide
Sale priceFrom £6.59
Single Pin Nickel Plated GlideBlack Barn Upholstery Supplies Only 1 unit left
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M8 Headboard Bolt x 4
Sale price£4.39
M8 Headboard Bolt x 4Black Barn Upholstery Supplies In stock, 23 units
Polished Bun Feet 1 1/2" HighPolished Bun Feet 1 1/2" High
Sale price£21.99
Felt on White Plastic Nail in GlideHeico Sold out
Rotable Glides - Black Plastic
Bun Feet - Unpolished Beech 44mm HighBun Feet - Unpolished Beech 44mm High
Queen Anne Back Legs - Unpolished Beech

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