Omer 3G.16SLS Pneumatic Long Nosed Staple Gun

Omer 3G.16SLS Pneumatic Long Nosed Staple Gun


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Omer 3G.16 71 Series Air (Pneumatic) Upholstery Tacker / Staple Gun 4-16mm

The Omer 3G.16  Air Tacker is an extremely popular Pneumatic Staple Gun that is used widely in the upholstery trade. 71 series staples are an industry standard in the upholstery trade, they are popular due to there narrow width which is ideal for getting into tight spaces.

Product Features:

  • Staple length: 4-16mm.
  • Galvanised finish staples (3G)
  • Capacity: 170 staples.
  • Stapler weight: 0.90kg.
  • Pressure: 60-90 PSI.
  • Air Consumption: 0.13 litres/shot.
  • Dimensions: 216x43x148mm.
  • Extremely high quality, professional tool, made in Italy.
  • Rubber grip.
  • Magazine rear guard.
  • Rear exhaust.
  • Bottom loading.
  • Secondary trigger for accidental firing.

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