Mundial 437-5 Classic-Forged 5-Inch Sewing Scissors

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  • 5-Inch sewing scissors with strong, long-lasting blades
  • Hot-drop forged and nickel-plated construction
  • Cuts through multiple layers of fabric or heavy-duty material
  • 1-7/8-inch cut; black-enameled handles for comfort; made in Brazil


Mundial's 5-inch sewing scissors are hot-drop forged and nickel-plated, which means an exceptional, durable performance for the industrial or frequent sewer and are a must-have for every toolbox and garage. The knife edge is able to cut easily through multiple layers of fabric or heavy-duty material cleanly to the very tip. The blades are strong, long-lasting, and designed for easy re-sharpening. With a 1 7/8-inch cut, these small scissors are perfect for cutting fabric or wire and are capable of performing under even the most demanding of conditions.

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