BeA 71/16 Pneumatic Staple Gun (25mm Nose)

BeA 71/16 Pneumatic Staple Gun (25mm Nose)


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The BeA 71/16-421 pneumatic upholstery stapler is a light but powerful tool. It fires 71 series upholstery staples 6-16mm. The low air consumption, long service life and ease of maintenance make it a real cost saver. The ergonomic design and the integrated silencer make it the ideal tool for industrial applications. Made in Germany.

In our opinion the BeA 71/16-421 is the finest air upholstery stapler currently available on the UK market.

Typically our customers use it for upholstered furniture, chairs, furniture, rattan / wicker furniture and more.

Fastener type BeA Staples Type 71
Length min 6 mm
Length max 16 mm
Dimensions Length/Heigth/Width 221/148/43 mm
Weight 0,97 kg
Maximum permissible air pressure 6,0 bar / 0,6 Mpa
Recomended operating pressure 5,0-6,0 bar / 0,50-0,60 Mpa
Air consumption per operation 0,3 litre by6 bar (0,6 Mpa)
Single-shot emmision sound pressure level L Wa, 1s = 87 dB
Emmision sound pressure level at workstation L pA, 1s = 79 dB

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