Rapid R23 Staple Gun Ergonomic


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Rapid R23 Staple Gun Ergonomic

The Rapid R23 Staple Gun is A professional all metal Staple Gun for light and medium weight work. Smooth functioning loading system Reduced impact from recoil 2 year guarantee Can be loaded with Fineline series 13 Staples sizes 4,6 & 8mm.

13 SERIES – Fine wire staple: Because they are made of fine wire, these staples are not so visible. Ideal for working in textiles, the fine wire has a minimal effect on the textile fibres. The holes left after removing these staples when masking off can be painted over without being covered with filler.

  • Takes 4 – 8mm Staples
  • 13 Series
  • Ergonomic
  • 2 Year Guarentee
  • MPN 10600521

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